Facts | Siyam Radiator

Quality and standards:

Ibrahim Siyam Industrial Group is ISO certified since (1996). This emphasis our continuous quality assurance and prevention of defects to comply with specifications that satisfy customers requirements.

Test Laboratory:

Products are thoroughly tested at Ibrahim Siyam Industrial Group testing lab before being released for the markets since the Group invested huge amount of funds to develop on their testing laboratory. The lab has all the facilities needed for testing quality, functionality, and durability. This is verified by measuring key elements such as cooling capacity, pressure strength, thermal strength, vibration resistance, and corrosion resistance. This ensures that all products perform at their best, and comply with given standards and specifications.

To meet our growing demand that reflect our high value products, Ibrahim Siyam Industrial Group:

• Growth of size from 600m in 1993 to 34000m in 2012 • Growth of number of employees from 20 in 1993 to 300 in 2012 • Growth in production from 50 part numbers in 1993 to 2000 part numbers in 2012 • From one factory in Jordan to six factories around the world

We export:

To more than 26 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

We ensure:

All our products are 100% tested by using the latest technologies and testing machines.

Our Warranty:

All our products are guaranteed for 12 months against any manufacturing defects.

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