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About Us
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Ibrahim Siyam Industrial Group, located in Jordan, is a well-known auto parts manufacturing company.
It was founded by Ibrahim Siyam in 1993 with only 600 m2 of production lines, warehouses and offices.
Having successfully broken into the industry of cooling system , Ibrahim Siyam Industrial Group has grown into an organization that specializes in producing passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors and heavy duty equipment.
We now produce more than 300000 copper/brass, aluminum radiators and intercoolers, and offer a variety of more than 2000 models yearly. In order to manufacture such a variety of products, our factories operate some of the world’s largest, most sophisticated, modern machinery.
To ensure the highest quality and to eliminate any errors in production, the most modern testing equipment also accompanies our machinery. Moreover, highly qualified technicians and engineers, who are the best in their field, supervise the production line to guarantee that our client’s demands for a high-quality final product are satisfied.
With its well-known name, highly efficient products, reasonable prices, and on time delivery, our sales team has succeeded in increasing our market share over the years in a substantial way.

Ibrahim Siyam Industrial group proudly sells to more than 26 Countries worldwide.    





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